IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals Webinar

“Network Softwarization: State of the Art” 

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Speaker: Richard Cziva
ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US



Network softwarization is actively revolutionizing how networks are designed and operated to deliver services with greater agility and cost effectiveness. During the last 10 years, softwarization has been presented for different network layers and domains, ranging from high-level, open-source control planes to programmable data planes, managing optical line systems, datacenters, cloud and 5G edge networks, among others. While this research field has been very active, there is no sign of slowing down: many challenges remain unsolved, while new ones are being presented continuously.

This talk will be a high-level, general overview of research and development efforts on network softwarization in an outside of IEEE Communication Society. The speaker, who is currently a software engineer of the world’s fastest science network (ESnet, a multi-100Gbit/s transcontinental network), will present his own view of the currently trending topics in academia and industry and highlight some possible research directions in this area.