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The Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) Committee is looking for volunteers with the necessary leadership skills to share your talents, passion, and make an impact in the ComSoc society.

Serving as a Chair of this standing committee, I would like to work with committed, enthusiastic, and creative volunteers that provide support for a period of two years, 2022 and 2023.

In ComSoc, women form a community of more than 3,300 professionals and students around the world that see in ComSoc, THE society for sharing and creating information on communication and networking technologies. The WICE committee is responsible for encouraging the participation and membership of more women communications engineers in the Society and provides a venue for their growth and leadership in ComSoc.

If you find value in being part of ComSoc, have been volunteering or plan to volunteer in any activity from your chapter or region, I encourage you to nominate yourself or a colleague before January 21 by submitting below:
1. a short biography (up to 300 words)
2. a statement of plan for the duties of the desired position to serve during 2022 and 2023.

Based on this, the new WICE Board members will be communicated by January 28, then we can have our meeting by February 4th.

More detailed information about each of these roles that are voting members of the WICE committee is available here
– Secretary
– Publicity chair
– Student representative

There are other positions that can be part of the WICE committee as non-voting members:
– Industry Relation liaison
– Young professional liaison

Volunteer today!


Nury Ramirez Cely
WICE Chair
2022- 2023