Are you a new ComSoc chapter chair? You should read this. These are common best practices for who are starting with this valuable role at ComSoc:

  1. Check if IEEE Roster is updated with your info: visit ComSoc official info at  and find your chapter info. Is the info is not updated, ask for your IEEE Section (Secretary or President are normally able) to update the IEEE Roaster using vTools Office Reporting.
  2. Report activities at For obtaining funds for your chapter, from both, your Section and from Comsoc, you need to make activities. Report your activities results as soon as possible. It is also recomendad you enter info before the event to use the diffusion tools availables in vTools. This reports are also know as “L31” (obsolete name). The mininum amount of annual activities you should report, for your chapter be considered active, is two.
  3. Funds: having funds is fundamental to develop activities in your Chapter. There are to main founding sources:
    1. Chapter rebates: this amount is normally received at the HOP account of the IEEE Section and is included in the annual rebate received for the Section. This process normally occours in April-May. If you Chapter report at least two technical activities in the past year, the chapter’s rebate is US$200. If your chapter reports 6 or more technical activities in the past year an additional amount of US$ 75 is added to the chapter’s rebate. Ask your local Section’s Treasurer about the procedure to have access to this funds for supporting your activities.
    2. ComSoc funds: Each year you will receive a Funds Request Questionnaire from ComSoc staff (normally from Carol Cronin). Complete and return the questionnaire to have the chance to receive funds from ComSoc. Historically, amounts that vary from US$400 to US$800 could be assigned to your chapter if you complete and return the questionnaire on time. The email with the questionnaire should be received in the 1st semester.
  4. Be connected with your pairs: if you are new as ComSoc chapter chair is specially valuable to be in contact with other chairs in the region. In the Region we have an active WhatsApp group where you are cordially invited to participate. Pleas contact Esmeralda by email ( ) to be part of this group.