Technical Activities Commitee




José-Ignacio Castillo-Velázquez [M´02, SM´10] has been working for 23 years in computer and telecommunication industries and universities involved in 90 national & international projects. He authored 39 international journal and conference papers, 3 books, 16 industry articles & tech reports and 100 popular Sci. & Tech. articles. Referee for Springer and IEEE Journals and Conferences. He is Professor & Researcher in Telecommunications at Mexico City A. University (UACM), where he is head of Advanced Networking Laboratory. Also, he is a Datacenter Dynamics consultant. He received his B.Sc. & MSc. degrees in Electronics, with honors, from the B. Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico. IEEE Computer Socciety Distinguished Lecturer (´15-´17), he received the IEEE CS Golden Core Member Award (´12).
Some voluntering positions: IEEE Computer Soc. DVP Com. member (´18-´19), IEEE ComSoc LA Secretary & Mem. Dev. (´16-´17), IEEE Computer Soc. Board of Governors mem. & Audit Chair (´11-´14). General Chair for LASCCDC&N (´12). Editor in Chief for NoticIEEEro (´08-´11).