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Spintronics Course: from giant magnetoresistance to spin-orbitronics and new advances

July 8 @ 12:58 pm - July 12 @ 1:00 pm

Spintronics uses, in addition to charge state, electron spins as a further degree
of freedom for electronic devices. Thus, the understanding of the spin properties
is been used in several technological applications like mass-storage devices,
sensors, spin-based quantum computation, among others.
This course will be given in Spanish and presented during three days.
Content: Giant Magnetoresistance, Tunnel Giant Magnetoresistance, Spin transfer
torque. charge and spin current interconversion. Spin Hall effect, Edelstein
Co-sponsored by: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM); Centro de Investigaciones Tecnológicas, Biomédicas y Medioambientales (CITBM); Sociedad Peruana de Física (SOPERFI); Ultra Thin Magneto Thermal Sensoring (ULTIMATE-I).
Speaker(s): Rojas Sánchez,
Bldg: Auditorio del Instituto de Física. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Calle Germán Amézaga 375., Lima, Lima, Peru