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Webinar: “Communications infrastructure at the time of pandemics”

July 12, 2021

IEEE ComSoc Panama, in collaboration with IEEE ComSoc Latam and FIE-UTP Panama, invite you to the Distinguished Lecture: Communications infrastructure at the time of pandemics, with Dr. Fabricio Granelli, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.


The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding lockdowns applied by several governments around the World put heavily under stress the ICT infrastructures, as many face-to-face activities were moved online. Still, the Internet and its services demonstrated strong resilience and capability of adaptation to the increased load and users’ requests.

The main concept of this session is to underline how Internet traffic and services’ requests evolved during the lockdown, and to illustrate which actions were applied in order to guarantee proper services even under such stressful conditions. Moreover, some potential advances and lessons learned will be reviewed and discussed.

Lecturer:    Fabrizio Granelli

Time :         10:00 GMT-5

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