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Webinar: “¿Cuál es el potencial de la ciencia de datos y la inteligencia artificial para la ingeniería?”

June 19, 2020

With the fourth industrial revolution, the problems present in the market and in the industry have become increasingly complex and interdisciplinary, often requiring professionals who have, besides a solid technical background, the ability to deal with real-world problems using modern tools. Artificial intelligence has been placed as one of these tools in this ever-changing world. And the tools developed in these areas have been used to solve problems that conventional heuristics are not able to solve, such as the design of communication networks, information mining in large databases, pattern detection in images and videos, intelligent recommendation systems, prediction of anomalous behavior, prediction of time series, among others. The purpose of this lecture is to discuss how these tools can impact the transformation of activities related to engineering, including applications in telecommunications and networks.


Lecturer:    PhD. Carmelo Bastos Filho

 Associate Professor at the Polytechnic School of the University of Pernambuco, Brasil


Time:         8:00-9:00      (GMT -5)

 9:00-10:00   (GMT -4)

 10:00-11:00   (GMT -3)

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