Webinar: “La Matemática del COVID-19: Un análisis epidemiológico después de 4 meses de cuarentena”

We will learn about the methods that epidemiologists use to analyze epidemics, in this case applied to COVID. From data collection, data analysis and scientific communication to modify regulations or educate the community. This is epidemiology for non-epidemiologists. Lecturer: Dr. Arturo Rebollón       Epidemiologist and Public Health Strategist (Panama) Time:      16h30... Read more

Webinar: “Blockchain, Smart Contracts y la disrupción en las industrias”

An introduction to blockchain technology will be made, explaining the beginning of the technology with Bitcoin, its operation and the main characteristics of the blockchain. Then there will be an introduction to Smart Contracts, they will be explained why they are important to create decentralized applications. Finally, use cases that impact and disrupt industries will... Read more



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