The 2nd South American Colloquium on Visible Light Communications (SACVLC) will be held, which, in this new version, aims to bring together students, academics and national and international organizations interested in this field of research

“IoT y Redes PON, una oportunidad tecnológica en el presente y futuro”

Webinar in spanish. We will talk about the impact and growth of IoT and how current and future PON networks can help access and transport the traffic generated by this people-centered technology. The different characteristics, options and advantages of PON network technologies for this purpose will be reviewed. Lecturer:     MSc. Mauricio H. Aliaga Villacorta... Read more

Webinar: “Impacto de las telecomunicaciones en el sector agropecuario”

Webinar in spanish. The agricultural sector has experienced in recent years the emigration from the countryside to the city, impacting the development of crops and livestock. To mitigate it, farmers and entrepreneurs are using technology to maintain their production levels. The most relevant advances and applications of ICT in the global agricultural sector for the... Read more

Webinar: “¿Cuál es el potencial de la ciencia de datos y la inteligencia artificial para la ingeniería?”

With the fourth industrial revolution, the problems present in the market and in the industry have become increasingly complex and interdisciplinary, often requiring professionals who have, besides a solid technical background, the ability to deal with real-world problems using modern tools. Artificial intelligence has been placed as one of these tools in this ever-changing world.... Read more

Webinar: “Desafios IoT para tecnologías Blockchain”

Las soluciones IoT presentan desafíos tecnológicos para las soluciones Blockchain. Se presentarán los fundamentos de Blockchain en general y Tangle IOTA (DAC) específicos para IoT, con los fundamentos de una calificación tecnológica más específica. Se analizarán diferentes tecnologías de Libro mayor distribuido con énfasis en los desafíos presentados por las soluciones IoT. Verá la necesidad... Read more